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Expert reports

Experts of the Institute of Agricultural Economy prepare reports that fit into the landscape of the debate on the future of Polish and European agriculture. The studies prepared by IGR are characterized by professionalism combined with a language that is accessible to every recipient.

The Institute also prepares, upon request, analyzes for the internal needs of economic entities, political and business circles as well as organizations in the third sector. The documents we have developed facilitate our partners’ decision-making and have a positive impact on the development of the Polish countryside.

Scientific conferences and debates

The events organized by the Institute are attended by representatives of public administration, agricultural organizations, business and the world of science. Implemented both in the stationary and online form, they are a field of experience exchange and substantive discussion on the development of Polish agriculture and the challenges and threats facing it. Events are also a meeting place and establishing business relations between representatives of various branches of Polish agricultural production.
During the implementation of events, the Institute cooperates with the most important public institutions.


Articles, interviews, positions on key issues for the Polish countryside – all these are prepared and presented by the Institute of Agricultural Economy. The materials presented by the Institute enable a better understanding of the challenges facing the Polish countryside. In particular, the analyzes prepared by IGR enable city dwellers to better understand villages, thus influencing the decision-making processes taking place in the highest circles of power.

Statistical research

The Institute undertakes activities aimed at monitoring the situation in the Polish agricultural economy. The data collected by IGR are then used not only to prepare reports, but can also be used to prepare legislative proposals that are a rational response to the needs of the Polish countryside.

Legislative activity

The Institute’s lawyers prepare proposals for legal solutions that they present in order to establish a legal order by the legislator that would enable the effective development of the Polish countryside. The Institute also participates in the legislative process at the level of public consultations. The representatives of the Institute express their opinions at the sessions of the Sejm and Senate committees, as well as comment on legislative activities in the media.


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