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Nature or economy? Does the forest really need a man?

Private forest or state forests? How many forests do we have in Poland and how do we look compared to the entire European Union? Are there more or less forests? Why are the State Forests attacked by self-proclaimed „ecologists”? How much is a square meter of forest land? What percentage of Warsaw are forest areas? These and other questions about forestry will be answered by today’s guest of Monika Przeworska in the „Agricultural Q&A” program, Stefan Traczyk – President of the Board of the Association of Foresters and Forest Owners.

Modern agriculture is not only about machines. Oilseed rape secrets.

What about neonicotine mortars? What will the future of rapeseed producers look like? How much rape is grown in Poland? How much will rapeseed protection cost? What can you be concerned about? How many and which pests threaten crops? Will the insect control measures be systemic or contact? What does it depend on? What preparations should you pay attention to?

Modern machinery – how to efficiently carry out the harvest.

The 2020 harvest has begun. The time has come for farmers to work hard. How do they rate the harvest? What do they have to face? “We have started harvesting winter rape. Two weeks later than last year. Despite technical problems, we managed to start work around noon. Rapeseed moisture ranged from 10-11%. Right now, at 7pm it’s 7.6%. „

KOWR conducts activities aimed at improving and stabilizing the situation on agricultural markets, as well as increasing the competitiveness of the Polish agri-food sector.

What specific tasks is KOWR responsible for? What is the volume of agri-food exports in the era of the coronavirus pandemic? What activities does KOWR take to promote the „Polish product”? How do we get approval to use this label? A guest of the latest program “Agricultural Q&A. You ask and you know ”is Marcin Wroński, deputy director general of the National Agricultural Support Center (KOWR), Marcin Wroński.

After the pandemic, indebted farmers are looking for support in many fields.

The Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture met their expectations, which launched aid in the form of subsidies to the interest rate on the loan to finance the repayment of the debt incurred in connection with agricultural activities – the so-called „Restructuring loan”. How can you obtain aid for the restructuring of agricultural holdings? What conditions must be met? What are the advantages of such a solution? The president of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture – Tomasz Nowakowski will answer your questions.

What is the current situation in the pig production sector?

What are the prices for live pork? Can breeders expect further perturbations on the market? Where to look for profit? What does the QAFP certificate give farmers? What are the requirements and what does the inspection look like? These are the questions that you submitted to the “Q&A. You ask and you know „, in which today’s guest is Mrs. Jolanta Ciechomska – QAFP system manager at the Union of Producers and Employers of the Meat Industry

Jacek Zarzecki, president of the Polish Association of Beef Cattle Breeders and Producers, is a guest of the „Q&A You ask and you know” program and the Institute of Agricultural Economy.

 What is the Development Strategy of the Polish Beef Sector? What will the future of Polish producers be like? Is it worth investing in this sector of the agri-food market?

Direct selling is a type of selling characterized by direct farmer-consumer contact.

The guests of today’s program “Agricultural Q&A. You ask and you know ”there are farmers and direct selling experts from farmers. How to bypass the broker? How is it possible to obtain good and healthy products from the farmer in an easy and accessible way? These and other questions will be answered by the creators of the „Rolnik Handluje”(“The farmer Trades”) portal, Kazimierz Szubiński and Rafał Foryś.

2020 surcharges. Irrigation and drought are two terms that have been used recently in all cases.

Mr. Grzegorz Ciszkowski is a farmer who took advantage of the ARMA subsidy for an investment in the field of farm irrigation. How long did it take to prepare the application? Is it worth applying for a subsidy? What costs did he pay? He talked about it in the „Agricultural Q&A” program as a guest of the Institute of Agricultural Economy.

How can I spend money from the „Young Farmer” program? Is there any recruitment where I can buy breeding heifers of meat breeds?

How much does it cost to develop a plan for the Animal Welfare + program? So what is the limit on this program for restoring the creation of agricultural production? Are advisers insured against mistakes?

Tenders for the lease of land from KOWR soon online.

“According to the new regulations, KOWR can organize online tenders and we already know that this facility will be implemented” according to the new regulations, KOWR can organize online tenders and we already know that this facility will be implemented ”- we heard in our program. This information was shared with us by a guest of the next episode of “Q&A. You ask and you know ”, that was Sebastian Pieńkowski – deputy general director of the National Center for Agricultural Support.

Fight against ASF, quarantine on farms, new markets for poultry meat in Asia

– these are just some of the topics covered during today’s “Agricultural Q&A. You ask and you know ”. This time your questions were answered by: Chief Veterinary Officer Dr. Bogdan Konopka and Deputy Chief Veterinary Officer Mirosław Welz. What is the chance for a quick category / color change in each zone? What does the issue of transporting animals abroad look like now? What should be in livestock buildings – nets or mosquito nets? You will learn the answers to these and many other questions in the latest episode of “Agricultural Q&A. You ask and you know ”.

Drought aid for the past year is a topic that keeps coming back.

The government allocated PLN 280 million for this purpose, however, as argued in the latest episode of “Agricultural Q&A. You ask and you know „the president of ARMA Tomasz Nowakowski, due to the prevailing coronavirus epidemic, funds to help farmers also flow in another direction. – I think that the government, on the one hand, is trying to find solutions to stop the pandemic and, on the other hand, to support our farmers, said Tomasz Nowakowski.


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