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The subject of vaccinations has been with us almost every day for several months. There is no shortage of both supporters and opponents of vaccination against Sars CoV-2.

Official Veterinary Doctors – planned, unfavourable changes in regulations coming

 Official Veterinary Doctors are a key component of an efficient system of marketing of agri-food products.
Despite the great importance of the tasks carried out by this group, unfortunately their work is still, in many cases, insufficiently paid. There are also ideas for another reform, which will ultimately also affect the size of the salaries of official veterinarians.
We talk to representatives of the Association of Official Veterinary Doctors about the planned changes and how to implement them.

Polish livestock sector – a good start to 2021

What was 2020 like for beef producers?
What challenges await producers in 2021?
What should be changed and what should be improved?
Will new export markets open up for Poland?

Polish milk sector – forecasts for 2021

What was last year like for milk producers and processors?
What will the situation on the milk market look like in 2021?
– These and other questions were answered by – Marcin Wroński, Deputy Director General of the National Agricultural Support Centre, Agnieszka Maliszewska from the Polish Chamber of Milk, Dr. Robert Mroczek, representing the Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics, and Monika Przeworska, Director of the Institute of Agricultural Economy.

The videoconference is related to the implementation of the „GMO Free” campaign, financed by the Milk Promotion Fund and carried out by the Polish Chamber of Milk.

The latest information from the milk market, the economic effects of Brexit and the sugar tax on the milk production sector

Why is the dairy industry gradually stagnating, and why farm milk production is gradually increasing?
How have government-imposed restrictions on the coronavirus pandemic stopped the dairy product distribution channel?
What are the prices of dairy products in purchases in Poland?
In which voivodeships were the highest and the lowest milk rates?
What does the introduced „sugar tax” change?

„The condition and prospects of Polish agriculture in the time of economic crisis”

On December 11, 2020, in the Plenary Hall of the Senate of the Republic of Poland, a debate was held on „The condition and prospects of Polish agriculture in the time of economic crisis” with the participation of representatives of industry organizations representing sectors of the Polish agricultural economy, with the participation of the National Council of Agricultural Chambers.

The disastrous economic situation in the world gives Polish agricultural entrepreneurs – after all – a unique opportunity to strengthen many domestic sectors, especially in terms of trade.
During an expert debate in the Senate of the Republic of Poland, it was shown that the position of our agricultural production after overcoming the economic crisis will depend on bold decisions by the Polish state. If we want to be effective, decisions must be consulted and made in consultation with farmers from now on.


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