Agricultural market analysis

Instytut Gospodarki Rolnej (IGR) to pierwszy w Polsce niezależny Think Tank o profilu rolniczym.

The Institute of Agricultural Economy (IGR) is the first independent agricultural think tank in Poland.

As a non-governmental organization, it monitors and analyzes legislative work in the field of agriculture on an ongoing basis, informing the public, politicians, officials and the scientific community about its activities.

The New Green Deal and the farm to fork and biodiversity policies will be projects that will undoubtedly have a huge impact on the shape of European agriculture.

These projects are promoted as those that will positively affect the development of European agriculture and will be of great benefit to EU consumers.

Unfortunately, we are still waiting for a comprehensive impact assessment of the implementation of the new Green Deal and related policies.

According to economists, the introduction of the Green Deal will reduce the cultivation of grain by about 11 %, the supply of meat by nearly 15 %, and the production of milk by about 10 %. Farmers and industry organizations are sounding the alarm that agriculture in Europe is going to be destroyed and the problem with greenhouse gas emissions will not go away.

As experts also argue, Europe may be flooded with food from third countries, where production standards are much lower.

Pekka Pesonen spoke about the threats that the Green Deal will bring to agriculture. Copa-Cogeca’s Secretary General spoke to the Institute of Agricultural Economics about the consequences for Polish agriculture if the EU’s ideas come into effect. According to our interlocutor, we are facing the end of agriculture as we know it.


Instytut Gospodarki Rolnej negatywnie ocenia najnowszy projekt ustawy o zmianie ustawy o lasach, którego inicjatorem jest grupa 30 posłów Prawa i Sprawiedliwości.


Nowe wymagania dotyczące wzmocnienia środków bioasekuracji dla gospodarstw utrzymujących trzodę chlewną 


Instytut Gospodarki Rolnej w obronie wiceministra nauki i edukacji Tomasza Rzymkowskiego



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Our mission

The Institute, in cooperation with experts and political decision-makers, prepares strategies and assumptions for the Polish agricultural economy. It also conducts its own independent research on this subject. All activities of the institute are aimed at supporting the development and promotion of Polish agricultural industries both at home and abroad. The Institute actively participates in all stages of the creation of legal acts, caring for the best understood interests of Polish farmers.
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Agriculture programs

Creating agricultural analyzes

Specialized staff supporting Polish agriculture provides high-quality data

Production support

By providing the latest knowledge and the best solutions available on the market

Event monitoring

We keep our finger on the pulse of both agricultural policy and new technologies in agriculture


We take care of the interests of Polish agriculture, raise alarms and act when the sector is threatened

We are present in programs and interviews


Contact our experts - find us in the media.

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